“Through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we at Kingsley Australia facilitate the development and equipping of Christians to become empowered and passionate in their ministry to shape their world.”


These are the stories of actual students who are currently studying through Kingsley. Hear from students who lead very different lives, but all have the same goal, to grow in their understanding of the bible and who God is.


70 years of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

It is our pleasure to celebrate with the wider Wesleyan Methodist Church today, as they commemorate 70 years of ministry in Australia. As World War II came to an end in 1945, RAAF Chaplain Rev Dr [...]

Principles of Prayer

The late father of Methodism, John Wesley said: “God does nothing but in answer to prayer” and “Prayer is where the action is.” The practice of prayer is normally regarded by many people as a [...]

Pastoral Care and Counselling- Semester two 2016

Being able to pastorally care for those who are struggling is a vital skill for all people in Christian ministry. Lay people working in a variety of ministry fields need to know how to assist [...]