Four of our Kingsley Community Faciliators are working together to offer excellent study opportunities in and around Brisbane in the second half of 2014. With most classes commencing in the third week of July, contact the Facilitators as soon as you are able for more information of class times or to enroll. 
For more information regarding study of the New Testament or Worship Ministry please contact Mal Moses on 0450 090 325.
If your passions lie in study of Wesleyan Theology, Introduction to Christian Leadership, Introduction to the Old Testament, Church History Survey, Biblical Interpretation, or Poetic Books please contact Gordon Kuss on 0429 354 989.
Connection into most of the classes can also be via web-conference. All of the classes are also available for non-accredited enrollment (just join in).
It is shaping up to be a great semester of Christian ministry training in South Queensland- why not join the fun? … and learn heaps.