The late father of Methodism, John Wesley said: “God does nothing but in answer to prayer” and “Prayer is where the action is.” The practice of prayer is normally regarded by many people as a practice in the ever popular concept of the word “spirituality”. In consideration of this ‘slippery’ word, Don Carson notes a startling truth that “Prayer can be taught and learnt.” This study seeks to learn and apply the biblical-theological perspective of prayer.

Principles of Prayer will be offered as an Advanced Diploma subject*, and available also as Professional Development. Rev Susan Lee will be the coordinator of the subject and will bring together experienced leaders and pray-ers to share from their experience.

The class will meet at the Broadmeadows Training Centre but welcome many other students from across the country via web conference. Classes will commence on Monday the 1st August 2016 from 10am-4pm. The subject will be offered in five Monday seminars across the semester. The subject fee for credit study will be $580*. Contact the College office on (03) 9357 3699 or for more information and to enrol.

Interested folk are welcome to join the class for professional development- the fee will then be $60 for this non-accredited study.

* The subject is part of the Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology (10435NAT). Kingsley College is a partner college of the Australian College of Ministries, RTO #90965.