The Kingsley College Inc Ministry Scholarship Fund exists to provide financial support to students completing the Wesleyan Methodist Ordination Study Program in an eligible course with an approved provider. Applicants must be Australian citizens or Permanent Residents and have experience serving in a Wesleyan Methodist Church. The Fund is managed by the College principal under accountability to the National Board of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia.

Application for financial support will be considered from the 2009 academic year onwards. Download the application form at the bottom of this page. Scholarship funds will be provided for the reimbursement of a proportion of the outlay of a student’s enrolment costs in subjects contributing towards the Ordination or Commissioning credential in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. It does not include text books, accommodation, travel etc. Funds will only be provided for successfully completed subjects at a “Competency” or “Pass” or higher level. The scholarship will be granted each semester or annually to successful applicants. The submission of the application form with certified copies of payment receipts or invoices and subject results, form the basis of the application.


Kingsley College Inc Ministry Scholarship Application